Whittling and Wilson

Tresco #3

Friday 16th to Monday 19th September 2022

Derek continued to improve on his whittling, copying the lettering from the original and the final result was quite impressive.

Waking early on Friday, Matilda ventured out to watch the sunrise as it bathed the cottage in a warm glow.

The boats dictate our plans on the Scillies and when we checked the trips running on Friday, the best destination was St Martin’s as this was likely to be the only day we would be able to go there. Matilda decided that she would stay on Tresco and take advantage of the indoor pool.

So while Matilda set off in her costume and robe, the other three set off for New Grimsby to catch Firethorn over to St Martin’s where they walked to the Day Mark, a navigation aid built in 1683 which is painted red and white.

The Day Mark, St Martin’s

The views, as everywhere on the Isles of Scilly, are gorgeous and Gill pronounced it to be her favourite island so far.

Any visit to St Martin’s with Robert obviously now includes The Seven Stones pub. He pointed its location out to Gill and they agreed to meet there later. When the Robinson’s failed to appear at the designated rendezvous, Robert messaged them and sent additional directions.

He also seemed to feel it was hilarious that they had walked straight past the lane up to the pub. However, he failed to recall that even though he and Matilda have been visiting the Isles of Scilly off and on for thirty years they first discovered this fine hostelry just three short years ago.

Meanwhile, back on Tresco, Matilda was startled by a sparrow which had made its way in to the cottage. She tried opening several windows but eventually had to shut it in the downstairs bedroom with the window open and hope it didn’t invite any of its friends in to join it. We are not sure if it was the same one, but Gill was startled by a sparrow in her room the following morning. We strongly advise closing the door behind you when you go into the garden.

On Saturday it was Robert’s turn to stay behind while Matilda and the Robinson’s went to St Mary’s again, for another trip to The Foredeck and to visit St Mary’s Church in Old Town. Here even the dear departed have a spectacular sea view.

Inside, the church is simple and Gill realised that without electricity it must be lit purely by candles. Harold Wilson, who was twice elected Prime Minister in 1964 and 1974, is buried here, with his wife.

Later, we convened an editorial meeting at The Ruin Beach Café to allow our guests to contribute to the blog. As we have commented before, ‘The blog doesn’t write itself.’

When we arrive at our cottage, Green, there is always an envelope containing four property cards which, in our case, can be used to charge groceries at the Tresco Stores as well as for entry to the pool and the Abbey Gardens. We have seen the gardens many times but as this was their first time on Tresco, Derek and Gill obviously wanted to go and we had allocated Sunday morning for this so we could go the the Makers’ Market on New Grimsby Quay in the afternoon.

Matilda decided to go for a morning swim first and then meet the Robinson’s in the café at the Abbey Gardens. Through planning and careful timing Matilda has managed to have the pool to herself most of the time.

While Matilda completed 1,260m, the Robinsons enjoyed the gardens.

On what turned out to be the sunniest day of the trip so far, highlights included the bronze sculpture of the Dorrien-Smith children by David Wynne. . .


. . . as well as the statue of Gaia, the agave fountain and red squirrels.

Because avian flu has been identified on the island, there are signs advising against feeding the birds. However, the birds themselves seem to be unaware of these restrictions. At the café, a very bold sparrow tried to share Gill’s sandwich mid-bite and we watched this thrush gradually moving closer and closer to our food. However, when Gill and Matilda took preventative measures it swooped across to the next table and tried to steal the food from a very indignant woman’s mouth. She decided her food was contaminated and, despite the signs, proceeded to throw her sandwich to the birds. The rules clearly did not apply to her.

Walking back from the gardens, the sea seemed particularly blue.

The Makers’ Market showcased locally made wares and both Matilda and Gill came away with more earrings. Derek checked on the specials board at The New Inn, even though we had managed to book for The Ruin Beach Cafe for the evening [see Dish of the Day].

We were lucky that no-one with a dog came in to lay claim to our seat by the window.

Monday was the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and we decided to have breakfast at The New Inn so that we could claim the seats with the best view and share in this historic event. We were the first there.

The Robinsons would like to say thank you to the Herds for allowing us to share their lovely cottage . A great time was had – it is an amazing location with stunning scenery, wonderful boat trips, fine hostelries and excellent company. We really hope to be able to return.

Selfie of the day:

A pub patio with a view

Dish of the day:

Sunday at The Ruin Beach Café

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