First sleepover

First sleepover

An invitation to a reunion of Robert’s youth club friends, to co-incide with the royal wedding and the FA cup final, provided the impetus for the first overnight stay. We decided to break the journey and stay somewhere half way to get the feel of it.

The Gate Hangs High. Matilda was convinced this would prove to be the site of an old gallows, but in fact the truth is far more hospitable and welcoming: “the gate hangs high and hinders no-one” – so all are welcome. The food was tasty, the staff were welcoming and breakfast was also available.

We filled up with water, hooked up to electricity but neglected to turn the water on to heat up overnight, so had to wait for it to reach an appropriate temperature to shower in the morning. The self-levelling system caused us some problems and we assumed this was because the ground was too uneven, but since then is has coped with some serious gradients.

Lesson for the day: turn the water on to heat overnight.

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