Proud new owners

Proud new owners

Though traditionally an inauspicious date, having placed the order back in October, Friday the thirteenth proved lucky for us as we travelled down to Rye with Ruth to collect a Roller Team T-Line 740.

Ships are usually referred to as feminine, but in this instance, our new purchase is now affectionately known as Alan the Motorhome. If you are wondering why we are calling the vehicle Alan, it is named in honour of Robert’s Uncle Alan, who sadly passed away in May 2017 and whose generosity has enabled us to embark on this new adventure.

Matilda is resistant to driving Alan, although she accepts she should at least get a feel for it in case Robert is incapacitated at any point. It just looks so BIG.

Ruth was therefore the first passenger as Matilda drove the car we had all travelled down to Rye in home. She was a little concerned when Alan pulled over after only a matter of minutes. It transpired that something was rattling – we later found out this was the showerhead which we have now replaced with an Eco Camel – review to follow.

Lesson for the day: reversing on to the drive is an art.

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