Farewell to the Scilly Isles for 2019

Farewell to the Scilly Isles for 2019

Saturday 24th – Monday 25th May 2019

Saturday dawned overcast and damp and we heard that flights to and from St Mary’s were cancelled because of the weather conditions so our decision to hire the boat the day before was vindicated. 

We took the ferry back to St Mary’s: Matilda had identified a few items she was considering buying and we took a short walk round the town, although the views and Star Castle were shrouded in mist.

When we returned to Tresco Jaime and Ruth went to collect bicycles to use the following day and took an exploratory ride.

Following massages to relieve accumulated back, neck and shoulder tension on Sunday morning, while Jaime and Ruth took to their bikes, Robert and Matilda opted to walk round the island, taking in both King Charles’ Castle and Cromwell’s Castle . . . 

. . . as well as spectacular views across the sandy bays . . .

and beaches. . .

. . . and the Tresco Abbey Gardens where the walkers reunited with the cyclists for refreshments.

They say you can’t go back but we have thoroughly enjoyed returning to Tresco . . . 

. . . and hope to visit again over the next few years. 

Monday was the return journey back home. First a speed boat from Tresco to St Mary’s . . .

. . . and then an eight seater airplane from St Mary’s to Land’s End . . .

. . . followed by a bus to Penzance; two trains to Bristol [where we stayed overnight for a family event]; then another train to London.

Route Map:

Video of the day:

Selfie of the day:

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