2022 Veneto

Veneto Ventures #1: Collecting the Caprice

Veneto Ventures #1: Collecting the Caprice

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September 2022 The year 2022 has been very nautical in flavour: having spent almost three months on a narrowboat; returned from America on the Queen Mary and island-hopped in the Isles of Scilly we are now heading to Italy to spend 12 days cruising the rivers, canals and sea around […]

Veneto Ventures #2: Observing the dolphins down to Chioggia

Veneto Ventures #2: Observing the dolphins down to Chioggia

Sunday 25th –  Tuesday 27th September 2022 Leaving Casier, we headed south, leaving the Parrocchia dei Santi Teonisto e Compagni Martiri towering behind us [see GoPro video below] and motored onwards towards Venice.  Rain had been forecast but fortunately this seemed to have all fallen overnight and by the time we set off, both Captain and […]

Veneto Ventures #3:

Veneto Ventures #3: Bridges, villas and celebrity lunches

Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th September 2022 Leaving Chioggia, the day was overcast and windy as we crossed the Laguna, passed through the Moranzani Lock and turned up the Riviera del Brenta. Having passed through the lock, you have to ring ahead to the on-call teams to arrange for the swing bridges to be opened. […]

Veneto Ventures #4:

Veneto Ventures #4: Acqua Alta in Venice

Friday 30th September & Saturday 1st October 2022 We had prioritised the places we wanted to see and decided that a three day vaporetto pass, activated at about midday, would give us the flexibility to go into Venice several times and also visit some of the other islands over a period of four days. Information displayed […]

Veneto Ventures #5:

Veneto Ventures #5: Cruising the Giudecca Canal

Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd October 2022 Burano looked even better in the Sunday morning sunshine. We planned to go to the Venetian Ghetto on Sunday to respect the Jewish Sabbath. We took a slightly circuitous route via Arsenale as we hoped to get closer to the Building Bridges sculpture. Unfortunately we weren’t successful but […]

Veneto Ventures #6:

Veneto Ventures #6: L.O.V.E. in Milan

Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th October 2022 We had to hand Caprice back at 09:00 on Wednesday morning and we agreed that we would return to the boatyard on Tuesday to make sure staff could check the engine time reading and we could settle up any paperwork the day before as we had a train […]

Veneto Ventures #7:

Veneto Ventures #7: Xenomorphs and fondue

Thursday 6th October 2022 We had a stressful start to our journey to Gruyères as Robert received an alert that the train we had booked would not be stopping at Montreux where we were due to change to catch an onward connection. However we decided to board the train we had booked to go at […]