Tresco 2020 – edited highlights

4. Tresco – edited highlights

Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th September 2020

We decided to take advantage of the recently reinstated helicopter service for the last leg of the journey.

The views from the helicopter are fantastic and it was such a pleasure to step out onto Tresco once again.

Of course, Robert had to reacquaint himself with the New Inn, at the earliest opportunity.

We have never been disappointed in the Isles of Scilly. Despite the limitations imposed by Covid restrictions, this trip to Tresco has been blessed by some beautiful sunny days and great company. This year’s highlights, although not always captured photographically, have included several picturesque pubs with panoramic views. The view from The Ruin Inn, Tresco, towards the Blockhouse and on to St Martins on the left is one of Robert’s all-time favourite bar views.

We all enjoyed the mode of transport between islands and . . .

. . . the sun, sea and sand.

The Scillies feature many sweeping, sandy bays and this is the one next to to the cottage where we stay.

One day we took the boat to the isle of St Agnes and found that the tide had uncovered what felt like a narrow tropical beach which we could walk along to take us on to the next island of Gugh.

Then Sophie treated us to Troytown ice cream before . . .

. . . we enjoyed the view from the Turk’s Head on St Agnes towards Tresco whilst partaking of pasties and pints.

The Isles of Scilly provide a phenomenal variety of landscapes including tropical beaches, a vibrant sea, swampy lagoons and waves crashing on rocky headlands. A walk round the island of Bryher incorporated plant-buying at a succulent specialist with seal spotting. Looking towards Canada from the last beach in the UK makes you feel as though you are on the edge of the world.

On Cromwell’s Castle, on Tresco, you can imagine defending the island against pirates or marauders.

A walk around the island of Tresco, took in both Cromwell’s Castle [left] and King Charles’s Castle [right] and carried on to . . .

. . . Piper’s Hole. The entrance to this cave is filled with boulders thrown there by the power of the sea.

Four of the party enjoyed kayaking round the islands and seeing more seals.

After many years of visiting the island of St Mary’s the restrictions on numbers indoors, in pubs, this covid year, forced us to go further afield for refreshment and we were rewarded by discovering the garden at Juliet’s with views back across the bay towards the harbour of St Mary’s. We plan to return.

Sophie and Jaime demonstrated an unerring ability to find the best rock to pose on.

The scenery is always beautiful and . . .

The view from Bryher back to Cromwell’s Castle on Tresco.

. . . the beaches are always inviting.

The Abbey Gardens, on Tresco, are also always interesting. In places they seem mediterranean and hot in others they seem lush and almost prehistoric. Every time there is something new to capture your attention.

It has been a pleasure. We can only look forward to next year [2021], when our trip is due to coincide with a “walking tide”.

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