A Brussels pub crawl

So, today we are on a quick trip to Brussels in Belgium. Just two days away with old friends: John and Belinda Robinson.

Following a bus ride into Bromley, and a Thameslink train from Bromley South direct to Kings Cross St Pancras, we took the 10:58 Eurostar to Brussels.

Day One was planned as a bit of a pub crawl around the iconic traditional pubs of Brussels sampling Belgian beers. Day two will involve a bit more culture, because Matilda says so.

After arriving at Brussels Gare du Midi, at 14:05, our first stop is our hotel to drop off our bags. We were staying at the ibis Hotel Brussels Centre Gare to Midi.

Cantillon Brewery and Brussels Museum of the Gueuze

Click here for their website.

We may, as a nation, have evolved a habit of complaining about the influence of Brussels bureaucracy but excessive health and safety regulations do not seem to have reached the Cantillon Brewery on Rue Gheude where visitors are trusted to behave themselves on a self-guided tour. After a brief explanation of the brewing process for lambic and gueuze – think the equivalent of white wine and champagne – you can wander through the building with a leaflet explaining the different processes which take place en route. The visit takes you past, amongst other machinery, the hop boiler, crushing machine and bottling plant and signs ask you not to touch in several languages, but there are few barriers.

Wild air born yeasts are necessary for fermentation. During the summer the brewing process and the fruit deliveries for the beers attract large numbers of insects but rather than use insecticides which would interfere with the brewing process, insect control is left up to some very effective predators – spiders. Their webs are visible throughout the brewery.

Moeder Lambic

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Delirium Café

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À la Mort Subite

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Bier Circus

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La Porte Noire

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La Porteuse d’Eau

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Day Two

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