Leaving Sardinia from Olbia

Leaving Sardinia from Olbia

Thursday 11th July 2019

We were misinformed about Olbia as the books and on-line travel guides we consulted all said there was little to see. Consequently we stayed at our hotel and enjoyed the pool and the sunshine in the morning savouring a welcome moment of relaxation.

However, when we did head down to the town in preparation for our overnight ferry, we found that it was really a very pleasant city and we could have spent more time there.

Despite Matilda’s stern expression, the ferry was very comfortable and. . .

. . .the view as we left the harbour around sun set was beautiful.

We have enjoyed spotting the Disney characters painted on the ships in various ports during this trip: they are a feature of the Moby Line and we assume that they are also used for Disney cruises.

We arrived in Genoa early in the morning and although we were slightly delayed, entering the old port past pleasure cruisers, industrial vessels and the ancient lighthouse – the Lanterna di Genoa – was a treat.

We had seen it before but the Batman artwork has been a particular favourite on this trip.

Holy artwork, Batman!

And Wonder Woman always deserves respect.

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