Meeting the girls on St Mary’s

Meeting the girls on St Mary’s

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Our first full day on Tresco was to be a day of celebration and planning. Our two daughters were travelling to join us and Ruth had completed the viva for her masters the day before. We took the fast boat from New Grimsby quay . . .

. . . back to Saint Mary’s, strolled around the town briefly then went to meet them on the quay to travel back together. 

We identified a number of places we hoped to visit and activities to do and went to check availability and prices. A ticket one way on the fast boat between St Mary’s and Tresco is £10. So with four adult fares on every journey, the cost soon adds up.  However, you can hire a boat from Hut 62 for £100 per day and be master of your own destiny, although there are some limitations: you are not allowed to go to St Mary’s, for example, or beyond Cromwell’s Castle. 

The three female Herds all felt in need of a massage and we found we could only book these for Sunday morning. Looking at the weather forecast, Friday seemed to be the best day for hiring a boat and the very helpful man who hires out bicycles said we could pick these up on Saturday afternoon for a one day Sunday hire as the office would not be open on Sunday. 

Ruth had said that the The Ruin Cafe was her favourite restaurant on her last visit so we had already booked a table for a celebratory meal. 

Afterwards both the beach . . .

. . . and the rocky outcrops were calling to Jaime. 

The light towards sunset was once again enchanting. 

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